Oonagh is a leeds based freelance artist who specialises in wire and paper work.

An early interest and desire to work in the environment led Oonagh on a journey from her home in Ireland, to study Landscape Architecture at Manchester Metropolitan University. After graduating, she continued to work in this field for some years before feeling that her creativity might lie in another direction. Subsequently she embarked on the Btec Diploma in Art & Design at Leeds College of Art, her End of Year Show comprising a series of mixed media latex reliefs.

Wanting to make longer lasting work, led to the use of paper which exhibited similar light and translucent qualities. Around the same time, Oonagh started to experiment with wire and natural forms, developing a series of cocoon like structures made with wire and paper.

Oonagh's practice continues to be inspired and informed by nature. The wire angels came from a rush of seasonal inspiration but the birds that evolved from this earlier work have reignited her interest in wildlife and habitat. Her hope is that some of this work will highlight endangered bird species through abstraction of their features. 

Oonagh strives to source material for her work which is reclaimed or recycled, she is also revisiting the practice of papermaking and combining it with her wirework. It appears that this is where Oonagh's passion for the environment and creative motivation are finally merging.